vulcano∕ ∖baby


comparisons serve a function in survival but why with self identity

it is almost like all the bad in the world is a dream but it is not and by being born into that perspective by chance and geography makes me feel lucky but also really terrible like no one should have a bad life and mine isn’t worth anymore safety than others should have and i’ve done absolutley nothing to earn a safe bed to sleep in at night. my reality is so far removed from what the majority of the world experiences daily, living in a bubble shouldn’t be allowed

i wanna leave that door open in the part of my head where all the simple things mix to make new complex things, jam a door stop under etc


Venere degli Stracci, 1967 by Michelangelo Pistoletto

wutu: :o !!!

i missed tumbling :)


Man Ray
A Night at Saint Jean-de-Luz, 1929