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space-echo said: damn was hoping u’d say bc :-(

ahh damn, i drove through bc once, it’s a very beautiful place

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"Maus was born in February 1980 in Minnesota, United States. Experimenting with music from an early age, his first efforts were strongly influenced by Nirvana and film scores of the 1980s, as well as classical pieces of medieval and Baroque music. He later studied music at the California Institute of the Arts. He then went on to study philosophy at the European Graduate School in Saas Fee, Switzerland to work towards a PhD in political philosophy. As a college student he was interested in experimental music and performance art, such as the work of Michael Pisaro. When he met and began to work alongside Ariel Pink, he took a greater interest in pop music.

everything about john maus is cool, he is very inspirational

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this song makes me feel like I am a spooky laser light shooting through space, figuring out all the secrets to the universe

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bunnyholly said: where in canada r u going??

eastward to ontariooo

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i got so many cool records this summer and i’m not even taking any of them with me to canada

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the jewel of the city

the jewel of the city

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Send me an actor/director and I’ll say my favorite film of theirs

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"those look like something juicy j would wear" -my brother on my new mint green nikes lol

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I feel a light up on my feet, from the way you look at me, you open up the universe, yeah, I bet you get this all the time…

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"At the time of his death, if he were on Jupiter, Elvis would’ve weighed six-hundred and forty-eight pounds."

Mystery Train (1989) Jim Jarmusch

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also please please check your laptop settings, the new windows on my laptop has a default setting that automatically uploads photos or documents to onedrive, it’s like icloud so your personal digital information could be accessed from different computers if you are hacked because it is stored somewhere other than on your hard drive. i was shocked when i found this out because i had no clue beforehand, or warning from windows 

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absolutely disgusted with some of the men on facebook saying things like “I saw Kate Upton’s tits today, it’s going to be a good day”

Like do you know that these women did not intend for their private and personal  photos of themselves to be posted on the internet? That they were hacked? That doing so is a CRIME? And by looking at those photos, you are encouraging and contributing to that kind of toxic behavior? If your sister or girlfriend’s phones or accounts were hacked, would you feel differently? Being a celebrity doesn’t make it any different, they have those photos private for a reason, and it isn’t something that they want seen publicly or else they would have put it out themselves. 

sick fucks

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